Should I Invest in a Slurry Water Filtration System?

Are you in the concrete industry? If you answered yes, then that means you also have wastewater and you’re going to need a way to dispose of it. It should go without saying, but that disposal site should not be down the drain untreated, casually dumped into a nearby freshwater resource, or left for absorption into the ground. Unlawfully dumping wastewater

subjects your business to fines and damages precious natural resources. It’s important we all take a collective stance to protect these resources, and you can do your part in your industry by effectively cleaning and filtering your wastewater with a slurry water filtration system. The Mud Hen easily filters slurry to provide clean water for re-use or to send to the drain. It also compacts concrete sludge construction waste.


Of course, cleaning up slurry takes time and money. It might be messy, but it still needs to be done. The upfront cost of a slurry water filtration system will easily pay for itself over time, and the results will be well worth it. For starters, coagulating chemicals and vacuum systems aren’t nearly as efficient or cost effective as filtration systems.


A slurry water filtration system purchase decision should take upfront costs, operational costs, and long-term savings into account. Reusing water and avoiding improper disposal of contaminants will save you money and eliminate the fear of huge fines as you ensure environmental sustainability.


The Mud Hen isn’t just one size fits all. The portable concrete slurry water system can be used for any slurry water application. The equipment can be configured and utilized in many ways with multiple different add-ons, like pH adjustment, larger pumps, slab carts, and trailer mounts.


Clean your water—don’t dump it! Call us today at 320-529-4035 to discuss your options!

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