The Importance of Ongoing Maintenance

Just like a car and your home appliances need regular maintenance, so does your water filtration equipment. Just think about what happens to your car if you don’t change the oil regularly or you forget to fill your tires with air. It’s equally important that you properly maintain your slurry water system.


Investing in a slurry water system is a big commitment. A slurry water system can pay for itself in a short period of time in many instances, and can also eliminate the risk of fines and/or punishments for illegally dumping wastewater or violating other wastewater regulations. Maintaining the equipment will ensure that it runs properly for a long time. Before you buy the slurry water system, thoroughly research the company you’re hoping to work with. You want to work with a well-respected company that makes a good product. A well-made product won’t require as much maintenance. You also want to work with a company that provides ongoing support and maintenance. Before you buy, as questions like: Will technicians be able to troubleshoot problems? How accessible are they? Can they fix the equipment? Ongoing support and maintenance is an absolute must from the company you’re working with.


Be sure all your employees are well-trained on the water filtration equipment. If they are properly operating the equipment, it’ll be less likely to need emergency maintenance. For instance, if they regularly push the equipment past its operating parameters you may experience poor water quality or other functionality problems that will slow down your process. Thorough training will prevent such problems. Working with a company that provides training is important.


Keep up on regular maintenance on your slurry water system. Failing to perform regular maintenance on your slurry water system can lead to bigger issues down the road. Taking care of simple issues, like replacing a screen cloth, can mean the difference between an efficient machine and one that sits in the corner unused.


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