How to Prevent Mothballing

Have you ever heard the term, “mothballing”? If you refer to, it will define the act of mothballing as to “stop using (a piece of equipment or a building) but keep it in good condition so that it can readily be used again.” Essentially, it is the act of keeping broken, unusable equipment in a corner where it collects dust and takes up space. The business may have the intention to get the equipment fixed and use it again, but they never do make a move to fix the equipment. This means a lot of wasted money.


We see this far too often with expensive slurry water filtration systems. Businesses invest in expensive water treatment equipment, only to have it break down. Instead of getting it fixed, they go back to old, ineffective ways of treating their water. Or, even worse, they simply don’t treat their slurry water at all and illegally dump it instead. With the right prevention tips, you can avoid this situation all together.
Ask Questions

It’s important to ask questions before you invest in a concrete slurry water filtration system. You want a reliable, fast option that is going to work for your application. It should be a portable system that you can move from place to place as you move from site to site. Preferably, the system will work in one easy step, providing clean water to re-use or send to the drain and compact sludge waste. The system should be easy to use, too. Are the controls simple enough to understand so the system can be easily operated? Are parts easy to find locally? Eliminate as many employee errors and problems as possible to prevent mothballing.


Address Reliability

You want a system that is known for its reliability. Is it manufactured in the United States? All the parts of your machine should be carefully selected and put together to run as efficiently as possible.


Ongoing Maintenance and Training

You should have at least one or two people on staff that know how to operate the equipment. Before you invest in a system, find out if your employees will be thoroughly trained. If you want to prevent mothballing down the road, staff should know how to properly run the equipment. If they’re operating it incorrectly, like anything, it is more prone to breaking down. It’s also great to know if the company you’re buying from provides ongoing maintenance or support. Will the technicians be available to help troubleshoot problems?


The Mud Hen is a fast, reliable system with 24/7 support from technicians. If you have any questions or concerns about mothballing, we’d be happy to answer them!


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