With increased EPA enforcement of industrial suspended solids many contractors have been hit recently with large fines.  Most contractors are unwilling to carry the huge financial risk and liability associated with not cleaning their water.  Some contractors have left the efficiency of wet grinding and face new operational difficulties with dry grinding.

The MudHen eliminates your financial liability over regulatory concerns potentially saving you thousands of dollars, allowing for water reuse and recycling on site.


The MudHen concrete water system is portable and supports large casters to easily move the unit around a jobsite.  The concrete water equipment can be pushed into the job site by hand and doesn’t require a forklift.  The press utilizes simple mechanical controls and heavy duty construction to eliminate employee errors and problems.   Concrete water recycling was never so easy!


The concrete water system is built right here in the USA.  All components are parts are interchangeable with standard components that are easily found.  No more waiting for service and parts that originate from outside North America.  The MudHen concrete water system is built to last, and when service is needed – components are carefully selected to minimize the downtime.  The MudHen has the lowest cost of ownership for maintaining.


The MudHen concrete water system comes standard at over 200 gallons per hour of processing capacity and can be easily accessorized with a larger compressor to handle over 500 gallons per hour of capacity.  The concrete water system can outpace most teams of concrete professionals that saw and grind with industrial equipment which benefits your staff and customers.