MudHens can solve a variety of slurry water issues for different applications.  MudHens have been used on stone slurry, ceramic and glass slurry and other slurries with high suspended solids.

Slurry waters can be effectively treated to be EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) compliant.  Pump trucks, stone and tile saws, cement and mortar mixers along with industrial slurries can be treated to remove the vast majority of suspended solids.  The pH can easily be treated to meet EPA requirements. 

The recycled water can be reused on site to reduce water consumption.  The sludge collected is compacted for easy disposal. 

For years concrete wash out slurry has been a challenge.  With our MudHen concrete washout family of solutions concrete washout compliance has never been so easy.  All MudHen products are made in the USA.

Applications: Concrete Washout

Pristine Environmental manufactures portable solutions to treat concrete washout on site. Harmful industrial sediments from construction projects, including:

  • Concrete
  • Paint
  • Stucco
  • Mortars
  • Grout
  • Stone
  • Tile
  • Glass

Concrete slurry water filtration never has been faster, or more reliable.  The Mud Hen series of portable concrete slurry water systems has been designed for multiple mode of operation.  The system comes with a 10 foot hose standard to suck slurry water out of any container.  A standard garden hose connection on the output allows you to send the water to drain, to reuse the water, or to use the water to wash down your equipment. Cakes can be easily disposed of using optional trays or sludge bags, or your wheelbarrow, or garbage bag/can.


The system can be used for any slurry water application.  Specifically designed for the demanding world of concrete – options include pH adjustment, larger pumps, slab carts, and trailer mounts.The Mudhen is a portable, flexible machine for concrete slurry.  The equipment can be configured and utilized in many ways.  It can pull slurry water out of your containers, out of a pool, or any vessel.  It can clean the water and put it to drain, or back into a container for reuse in your concrete equipment.  Whatever your needs – wheel it into an elevator – or through a doorway into your work area.  The system can be used just to clean a dumpster, pit, or water tank and recirculate the water until the vessel is clean.